• Front View of
    ASTEC Owerrinta

    Adventist Secondary Technical
    College Owerrinta is located along
    Aba-Owerri Express Way
    Beside Naval School of
    Logistics and Finance.
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    You are Welcome.
  • Photo Flash
    Photo stand during the 2015
    ASTEC Graduation weekend
    from Left
    Elder D.O. Nwaejike,
    Prof. Godwin N.D. Aja, Babcock University
    Pastor Dr. K.C.K. Nwangwa, Principal
    Pastor J. Ubani, President, Aba East Conf.
    Elder J.E. Onyendi, VP, Academics.
  • Inside View
    on a Visiting Day

    Adventist Secondary Technical
    College Owerrinta has an organized
    event of activities of which
    every second sundays of very month
    has been scheduled for Parents to
    visit their ward(s).
  • ASTEC Foundation Schools
    Adventist Secondary Technical
    College Owerrinta run a registered
    Primary School Officially called
    ASTEC Foundation Schools
    which admit pupils from cradle
    to Primary 6
    with a high standard of learning.



  • We run a three-term academic year with specialized programs namely, the Easter School and the “Summer School”.
    The Easter school is a compulsory special school organized during the Second term or Easter holidays for all the certificate class students (SS 3 and JS 3) to mop up any academic deficiencies or uncovered areas in their syllabus before the terminal examinations in both the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools.
    The “Summer School” is a full residential holiday School which usually starts from the first week in August every year and end in the second week in September. The Summer School serves a number of people a number of purposes:

    1. Our regular students who failed to meet up the promotion criteria in their classes are asked to try to use the Summer School period to make up their deficiencies and be promoted to a new class at the end of the Summer School. This is one of the services we render to ease the burden on parents so that their deficient wards may not cost them another full year’s school fees to repeat a class. However, when Summer School is recommended for a student, that is, if we write Try Summer in a student’s result, if the student fails to attend the Summer School, and is still interested in continuing to school here, the student must repeat the previous class for one year. In essence, Try Summer means that your child did not meet up the required promotion criteria and is not promotable by our standard, but, he/she has an opportunity to use the Summer School period to make up the deficiencies and be promoted. Therefore, those parents who have the misguided opinion that the Summer School is not important for their deficient wards should remember that they are making a choice between asking their ward to repeat a class for one year and using a six-weeks Summer School to make up at less than a term’s fees.

    2. The Summer School serves students intending to be admitted into this school, who did not write the entrance examination or those who failed the entrance examination and any others, as an avenue to gain admission. Such students usually attend the Summer School to write the Summer School examination as an entrance examination. All successful candidates in this examination are usually admitted.

    3. Students from other Schools can attend the Summer School as a Holiday program, and go back to their former School at the end of the Summer School.

    4. The Summer School serves as the beginning of the first term for all students in SS 3 and JSS 3. This is the reason for making the Summer School compulsory for students in these classes.


  • Thursday April 14, 2016 – Staff Fasting and Prayer for third term
    Friday April 15, 2016 - General staff meeting by 9.00am
    Sunday April 24, 2016 – All students on holidays return in full
    Monday April 25, 2016 - Lessons begin in all classes for Third Term.

    Saturday April 30, 2016 – General Thanksgiving Sabbath for third term
  • Saturday May 7, 2016 - SELL ASTEC TO THE PUBLIC SABBATH
    Friday May 13, 2016 – Last day to register any student for third term.
    Sabbath May 14, 2016 – Cultural Sabbath

  • Friday May 13-Sunday May 15, 2016 – Cultural Weekend
    May 16-18, 2016 – First Continuous Assessment Test
    Saturday May 21, 2016 - SS 3 Students’ Sabbath
    June 1-5, 2016 – Mid Term Break
    June 6-8, 2016 – Second Continuous Assessment Test in all Classes
    July 6-15, 2016 - Third Term Examination
    7.30pm Saturday July 16, 2016 - Closing formalities and End of third term.
    7.30am Sunday July 17, 2016 – Students leave for home.
    Sunday July 17-Wednesday September 13, 2016 – Long Vacation




    Sunday July 31, 2016 – Summer School Students Return
    Monday August 1, 2016 – Summer School Lesson starts in all classes
    Thursday August 4 - Sunday August 7, 2016, 18th Graduation Weekend
    Friday August 19, 2016 – Last day to register regular Summer School students. No refund of fees after this date.
    Thursday August 25-Friday September 2, 2016 – Summer School Examination
    Saturday September 3, 2016 – End of Summer School Special Sabbath
    7.30 pm, Saturday Sept. 3, 2016 – Closing Formalities
    Sunday September 4, 2016 – Summer School Students Leave for Home
    September 3-6, 2016 – Marking and Computation of Scores
    September 7, 2016 – Signing of Summer School Results
    September 8&9, 2016 – Release of Summer School Results/Interview & Admission of Successful Summer School Applicants.




    Monday September 12, 2016 – Prayer Meeting for the Term by all staff
    Tuesday September 13, 2016 - ADCOM Meeting
    Wednesday September 14, 2016 –  General Staff Meeting
    Thursday September 15, 2016 – All Returning JS 1-3 Students return
    Friday September 16, 2016 – All returning SS 1-3 Students return
    Sunday September 18, 2016 – All new Students arrive
    Monday September 19, 2016 – Lessons begin in all classes
    Saturday Sept. 24, 2016 – Special Thanksgiving Service for 2016/2017 Session
    Sunday September 25, 2016 - Registration of late returning students in all classes.
    Tuesday September 27, 2016 – ADCOM Meeting by 10.00am
    Friday Oct. 14, 2016
    – Last day to register any student for First term.






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