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    Adventist Secondary Technical
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    every second sundays of very month
    has been scheduled for Parents to
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    which admit pupils from cradle
    to Primary 6
    with a high standard of learning.


MARCH 24, 2016


1. GRATITUDE: I wish to thank God for leading us to the end of this Second Term 2015/2016 academic session. To our parents, thank you immensely for all your support and efforts to keep the children with us. We urge you to take over their care as we return them to you for this festive season holidays. May the Lord continue to keep and sustain us.
2. END OF SECOND TERM: This term has come to an end today, Thursday March 24, 2016. All students on holiday are expected to resume for the Third Term on April 17, 2016. All SS3 and JSS3 students are still in session for the SSCE and BECE Extension classes.
3. RELEASE OF 2015/2016 SECOND TERM RESULT: This is to inform all our parents/students that the above mentioned result will be available on-line from MONDAY APRIL 4, 2016.
4. COMMUNICATION/ E-MAIL SERVICES: Our e-mail addresses are very open for parents who will like to communicate with us through that avenue. See the addresses above. I wish to thank those Parents who have been contacting us by e-mail and promise to reply as promptly as we can anytime you make enquiries.
• For general school matters bothering on Admissions, Discipline, Public relations, School services and the like: contact the Principal’s office by phone or by the email addresses above.
• For all matters and questions on the Academic performance or result of your ward: contact the Vice Principal, Academics by phone or by the email address above.
• For every matter or questions about Payments or any financial issues or the posting of your tellers or receipts of payments: contact the Treasurer by phone or by the email addresses for that office.
• While enquiries about students should be directed to the Vice Principal, Students’ Affairs or the Sick Bay for health issues or the general office phone numbers and email addresses above.
• 08120813390; 08148433192 (VP Admin);
• 08120813550; 08148433185 (VP Senior Sec.);
• 08120813559; 08148433187 (VP Junior Sec.);
• 08120813101; 08148433186 ( VP Special Duties);
• 09090830561; 08148433189 (Chaplain);
• 08035844218(Guidance Counsellor);
• 08120813107 (Teaching Staff Matters);
• 08064507560 (Non- Teaching Staff Matter);
• 08134954282 (Matron)
• 08038864376(ASTEC Foundation Schools)
5. VERY IMPORTANT SECURITY/IDENTIFICATION MATTER: It has become very necessary for us to put some extra security measures in place in the school for our general welfare. All Parents/Guardian are by this newsletter advised to, as a COMPULSORY REQUIREMENT, always have their copy of the ID card of their ward(s) for presentation at the gate before being allowed into the school compound. Please help us to protect your ward by adhering strictly to this directive so that you will not be turned back at the gate when you visit. May I further appeal to everyone to cooperate with our Staff at the gate and make yourselves available for all the necessary search and investigations
Thursday April 14, 2016 – Staff fasting and Prayer for third term
Friday April 15, 2016 - General staff Meeting by 9.00am
Sunday April 17, 2016 – All students on holidays return in full
Monday April 18, 2016 - Lessons begin in all classes for Third Term
Saturday April 23, 2016 -General Thanksgiving Sabbath for third term
Saturday April 30, 2016 - SS 3 Students’ Sabbath
Friday May 6, 2016 - Last day to register any student for third term. NO REFUND OF FEES AFTER THIS DATE
May 9-11, 2016 – First Continuous Assessment Test
Friday May 13-Sunday may 15, 2016 – Cultural Weekend
June 1-5, 2016 – Mid Term Break
June 6-8,2016 – Second Continuous Assessment Test in all Classes
July 6 -15, 2016 – Third Term Examination
7.30pm Saturday July 16, 2016 – Closing formalities and End of third term
7.30am Sunday July 17, 2016 – Students leave for home
Sunday July 17-Wednesday September 13, 2016 – Long Vacation

NOTE: NOBODY WILL BE ALLOWED TO RETURN ON WEEK DAYS. Please don’t continue to stretch us by sending your children late on week days when you know it is not safe for us to send them back. Help us to maintain discipline in these children. Bring your child back on the stipulated date. If you won’t be around, make arrangement for your child to keep the return date appointment. Remember, learning involves everything including teaching and allowing your children to take appointments seriously. Let us help our future generation to do away with the cankerworm of ‘African Time and Appointment’. For those who keep back their children because they have other appointments on our reopening day: learn to allow your child to adjust to our local environment. It is not a bad idea to put them in a public transport early sometimes so that they can experience the other type of life once in a while when there is the need. This is another form of education. It is good to know how to join others to come back when you cannot be available to bring him/her. Remember, you will not be there every day!

7. NOTIFICATION OF SALE OF ASTEC ENTRANCE FORMS/EXAMINATION DATE: The sale of forms for 2016/2017 Academic year has commenced in all our centres. Each form costs N3,000.00 in ASTEC Centre only. Due to logistics reasons, centres outside ASTEC are to sell the forms at N3,300.00. Every candidate will be expected to write the examination at the centre where he/she purchased the form. All completed application forms must be returned to the centre of purchase not later than April 11, 2016. The date of the examination in all Centres is Wednesday, April 13, 2016. (The Entrance Examination Form Purchase Centres will also act as Examination Centres)
• Owerrinta: Adventist Secondary Technical College, Owerrinta compound.
(b) Education Director’s Office, Aba North Conference Hqts Uhum.
• Aba: (a) Education Director’s Office, Aba East Conference Hqts, New Umuahia Road, Umuola.
(b) Headmaster’s Office, Adventist Model Primary School, No 1 School Road Aba.
© Education Director’s Office, Aba South Conference Hqts Alaoma Osisioma.
(d) Headmaster’s Office, Adventist Model Nursery & Primary School Umuocham Abayi Aba.
• Umuahia: Education Director’s Office, Abia North Conference Hqts. Umuoriehi, Umuahia.
• Akwa-Ibom: Education Director’s Office Conference Hqts Akwa-Ibom
• Anambra: Education Director’s Office Mission Hqts. Awka
• Cross River: Education Director’s Office Conference Hqts. Calabar
• Enugu : Education Director’s Office Conference Hqts. Enugu
• Ebonyi: Education Director’s Office Conference Hqts. Enugu
• Owerri: Education Director’s Office Conference Hqts, Egbu Road Owerri
• Port- Harcourt: (a) Education Director’s Office, Rivers Conf. Hqts.
(b) Headmaster’s Office, SDA Primary School, Nkpolu Oruwuroko Mile 3 Port Harcourt
© Education Director’s Office, Rivers West Conference Hqts
(d) Education Director’s Office, Bayelsa Mission Hats. Bayelsa
(e) Education Director’s Office, Rivers East Hqts
• Lagos: SDA Church Maryland c/o Mrs Alozie
(a) Elder Onyema S. N SDA Church Ogba
• Abuja: SDA Church Abuja c/o Elder Bar. L. T. C. Eruba

8. PAYMENT OF FEES IN THE BANK: As usual, all our fees will continue to be paid into our various banks. In our determined efforts to serve you even better, we run all internet bank accounts; parents far and near are encouraged to make use of these accounts to save them the stress of having to come to Aba each time they want to pay fees. More than ever before all payments must be made into the bank. Then, a copy of the bank teller should be brought to our cashier’s office for easy accessibility and further immediate confirmation by the school. Instead of coming to the school after each payment, you can scan the bank teller and send it by email to us. Use these email accounts: 


NAME OF ACCOUNT: Adventist Secondary Technical College, Owerrinta (ASTEC)
• United Bank for Africa Plc, Aba-Owerri Road, Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 1000589283
• Guarantee Trust Bank Plc, Factory Road, Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 0040925249
• Diamond Bank PLC, Opposite Naval School, Owerrinta or any branch of the bank nationwide. Account No: 0031614268.
• Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc Factory Road Branch, Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
School Account No. 9200308458
PTA Account No. 9200310442
• Access Bank Plc, At any branch of the bank nationwide.
School Account No. 0024797720
PTA Account No. 0024794671
• United Bank for Africa Plc, Factory Road, Aba (Formerly Standard Trust Bank) or at any
branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 1001890159
• First Bank of Nigeria Plc, factory Road Branch, Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 2003866151
• Union Bank of Nigeria plc, Umuocham, Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide
Account No. 0017837670
• ECOBANK Nigeria Limited, Oyigbo Port Harcourt or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 1562000113
• ECOBANK Nigeria Limited, Station Road, Opposite First bank Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 3972004509
• Zenith Bank Plc, Port Harcourt Road Branch Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 1011756254
• Zenith Bank Plc, Faulks Road Branch (formerly Osisioma branch) Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 1012098599
• SKYE Bank Plc, Eziukwu Road, Aba or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 1770623405
• SKYE Bank Plc, Factory Road Branch or at any branch of the bank nationwide
Account No. 4090551991
• Fidelity Bank Plc, Plot 269 Ikenegbu Layout Owerri or at any branch of the bank nationwide.
Account No. 4010605164
For those who will pay in Aba: you can drop one copy of the duplicate teller in our box in the bank or bring two duplicate copies of the teller to us, so that we can issue receipt to your ward. But, all those who will pay in branches outside Aba branch indicated above are expected to send one copy of teller to us either in person or scan it and send it as an attachment to the indicated e-mail addresses above.
NOTE TO PARENTS/DEPOSITORS OF SCHOOL FEES: Always remember to write the name and class of your ward(s) as the depositor(s) on the teller, not your own name. This is the only way you can make it easy for us to credit your ward(s) promptly.

9. Re-PARENTS AS PARTNERS IN THE UPBRINGING OF THE CHILDREN: Please, when your children come home on break or holidays, try to go through the things they have brought home and ask questions when you come across things that are foreign to you, if possible, come over let us share your findings. This is necessary to discourage students from taking things that do not belong to them home. We have to join hands to curb the excesses of our children. During the passing term, we discovered a number of students who were not writing notes and many who were playing around especially in the senior classes. Many of them found more interest in reading obscene and useless literature when they had a backlog of useful academic material to attain to. We need the cooperation of parents to make sure that students are not allowed to come back with all these distracting materials.

10. Re-CELL PHONES: In the interest of the students’ academic growth and focus, all students of this school are not allowed to bring in cell phones of any type into the school compound. Any student found with a cell phone will be severely punished and the cell phone permanently confiscated. Already we have seized some cell phones which will be destroyed. Parents must help us to enforce this in the interest of the students. DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOUR WARDS TO SMUGGLE PHONES INTO THIS COMPOUND. For your information, what the children do with the phones when you help them smuggle them in goes far contrary to your supposedly good intentions. So, help us to make sure that you do not allow your wards to come back with phones. For those who allow their wards to bring phones that they will give to staff to keep for them, I want to ask you to either give these phones to the staff by yourself because when you pass them through your children, they keep back these phones and use them in unauthorized ways.

11. Re-USE OF MACKINTOSHED FOAMS: Parents are advised to buy customized mackintosh to cover the mattresses of their ward(s) because of the increasing incidence of bedwetting by many of the students. It is compulsory for health reasons.

12. STUDENTS’ PERSONAL UP KEEP ACCOUNT/POCKET MONEY: I wish to appeal to all our parents to help the school administration by opening a personal (pocket money) account for their wards in the accounts department, in order to safe guard their money. Students should be discouraged from keeping their money in the hostels. We will no longer entertain reports about loss of money by any student after this reminder.

13. Re-CONTRABAND/UNWANTED ITEMS: We want to use this medium to remind parents that all kinds of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, canned foods and cosmetics like coloured lip sticks, eyelid paints of all types, brown powder etc are prohibited. We advise parents to help in cross checking their wards provisions and clothing to avoid bringing in unauthorized or contraband items into this institution. If you carelessly allow your ward to smuggle any unauthorized materials like phones, MPS, or any other unauthorized materials and we get hold of them, we will permanently confiscate or destroy such items. Parents, please let us work together to uphold these ideals.

14. PERSONAL HYGIENE/INFECTIONS: For the sake of the hygiene we are fighting for, we still advise that you pay attention to the following:
• It is COMPULSORY for every student to have at least 2 white bed sheets and 2 pillow slips and one coloured bed sheet and pillow slip
• Boys should have at least 6 boxers and 6 t-shirts
• Girls are to have up to 12 inner pants (Black or White colours only)
• All student are to come back with Antiseptic or Medicated bathing soaps not toilet soaps for bathing
• Every student should be provided with Detol or other antiseptic liquid or disinfectants
• Every student must have at least 12 toilet tissue papers.
I wish to remind parents that as the students come back, we shall check for these minimum requirements. Do your best to help your ward in a boarding school to live decently and reduce the incidence of avoidable infections.

15. Re-DRESSING AND DRESS CODE: We want to remind you that wrong uniforms will be seized or destroyed permanently. Therefore, no matter how busy you are or how grown-up you may think that your ward has become, always check your ward’s uniforms before they come back to school. Based on this premise, the following style of sewing is prohibited in ASTEC;
• Pinging style of shirt/knickers
• Pencil Trouser/Sagging skirt
• Three-quarter Knickers
• Fitted shirts and blouses
• Ordinary White stockings
• Short Skirts that do not cross the knee
We advise that parents should provide for their wards the officially accepted and recognized uniforms. Visit the grocery store for your ward(s)’s official customized stockings and badge and ask questions if you are in doubt of what is right or wrong uniform. Also, the only accepted HAIR STYLE is Uniform Low Cut. Parents should ensure that their ward(s) adhere strictly to these specifications. If you allow your ward to sew the wrong uniforms and bring same to school, you must be prepared to bear whatever reprimands or consequences to your child.

16. REFECTORY ETHICS: We are obliged to inform all students to bring 2 complete sets of cutleries while returning from hoilday.
17. CELEBRATION OF BIRTHDAY IN THE SCHOOL: In the interest of the students’ healthy growth and safety, all students of this school are not allowed to organise any birthday celebration in the school. Parents are discouraged from cooking large quantities of food to bring to their children and their friends. If parents must bring cooked food, they should bring just enough for their children only. Please be guided.

18. SSCE (EXTERNAL CANDIDATES) AND OUR STUDENTS: For the avoidance of any doubt and to remind those who have forgotten, this school observes the WAEC regulation that no school candidate should be allowed to write the WASSCE or NECOSSCE (External). On our own, we have observed that many students who stay back to write these examinations usually miss so many lessons that when they rejoin the other students, they hardly make up. In some cases they slack in their academics here from that time because they have written School Certificate after all. In almost all the cases, their reading culture is lost, and they only sit down to mope at their books when they are forced to read. Attendance to classes is affected adversely. When we put all these together, we see that allowing these children to concentrate and write SSCE in May is still the best. If you want them to write the SSCE external, let it be after the School SSCE. This will be better for all of us. This is for your re-information and required action.

19. NIGERIAN INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL MODEL UNITED NATIONS (NISSMUN) CONFERENCE AT ABUJA: It may interest you to note that our school has been participating in NISSMUN conference for some years now. This conference projects our students as global students with international connections. There are vast opportunities for local and international scholarships among other benefits. We wish to appeal to our parents and guardians to register their children and wards for this very important conference. The conference is scheduled to hold from 22 -26 October 2016 at International Conference Centre, Abuja. The conference fee which covers feeding, transportation within Abuja, medical care, hotel accommodation for 5days, visits to embassies is N55,000 excluding transportation to Abuja. We are assuring our parents that the benefits of this conference far outweighs the cost hence our encouragement to parents to register their children. Registration started since last October and is fast closing. Thanks for partnering with us in the wholistic education of your children.

Thank you very much.


Pastor Kanelechi C.K. Nwangwa, PhD; FNIM; ACIPM
For: Board of Management
March 24, 2016.


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