• Front View of
    ASTEC Owerrinta

    Adventist Secondary Technical
    College Owerrinta is located along
    Aba-Owerri Express Way
    Beside Naval School of
    Logistics and Finance.
    . . . . . . .
    You are Welcome.
  • Photo Flash
    Photo stand during the 2015
    ASTEC Graduation weekend
    from Left
    Elder D.O. Nwaejike,
    Prof. Godwin N.D. Aja, Babcock University
    Pastor Dr. K.C.K. Nwangwa, Principal
    Pastor J. Ubani, President, Aba East Conf.
    Elder J.E. Onyendi, VP, Academics.
  • Inside View
    on a Visiting Day

    Adventist Secondary Technical
    College Owerrinta has an organized
    event of activities of which
    every second sundays of very month
    has been scheduled for Parents to
    visit their ward(s).
  • ASTEC Foundation Schools
    Adventist Secondary Technical
    College Owerrinta run a registered
    Primary School Officially called
    ASTEC Foundation Schools
    which admit pupils from cradle
    to Primary 6
    with a high standard of learning.


ASTEC Vision Statement

A centre of excellence founded in the name of God to restore the lost values for a better tomorrow.


ASTEC Mission Statement

Providing our young people the best secondary level education that will develop their mental, spiritual, physical and social powers to meet the challenges of higher education and self-reliance in this world and prepare them for the world we are expecting.


Nigerian National Anthem

  1. Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey
    To serve our fatherland
    With love and strength and faith
    The labour of our heroes past
    Shall never be in vain
    To serve with heart and might
    One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

  2. Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause
    Guide our leader’s right
    Help our youth the truth to know
    In love and honesty to grow
    And living just and true
    Great lofty heights attain
    To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

ASTEC Anthem

Adventist Secondary Technical College, Owerrinta,
Great citadel of learning, happy place of work,
By power divine established and by grace divine sustained,
A place where the staff and students are totally committed;
Excellence is our delight, honesty and industry our watchword.
A paradigm of academic excellence,
Great art thou in science, arts and vocational.
We will continue to keep the flag flying.
In thee we are groomed to be the pride of our land.
Glory be to God.